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As an automotive dealer supplies provider, we strive to provide dealers with the best products to distribute to their respective customers while also giving them a wide array of options. This is the reason why we partner up with multiple manufacturers to include their products into our inventory of supplies.

Apache Oil Company is authorized to resell Royal Purple synthetic oil to Houston and other service areas we cover. What are the qualities of this particular manufacturer’s products that make us proud to be a partner? Let’s talk about Synerlec®.

Royal Purple manufactures a line of high performance oils, lubricants, and greases that are designed with the world’s toughest industrial applications in mind. As such, the engineering of these products allows them to handle those applications even in the most extreme of environments.

Synerlec® is Royal Purple’s proprietary additive lubricant technology that serves as the cornerstone for all of its product line. This additive technology is what gives Royal Purple products unique performance advantages. The unique chemistries contained within the additive strengthen the base oil, resulting in a higher level of performance. Furthermore, this composition also creates an ionic bond that holds fast to metal parts, thereby providing continuous protection.

Synerlec® allows Royal Purple to be a prime choice for synthetic motor oil in Houston, Texas and our other service areas. The protection film it creates improves lubrication in two ways:

  1. It increases the oil film’s thickness.
  2. It increases the oil film’s toughness.

With the above characteristics, the manufacturer’s synthetic motor oil prevents metal-to-metal contact, displaces moisture from any metal surfaces, and shield the metal parts from corrosion and rust. In addition, this gives the oil increased resistance to the detrimental effects of heat, which would otherwise cause the oil to oxidize. Oxidation shortens the lifespan of oil, which in turn risks damage to the machine where it’s used on.

With the capabilities the Synerlec® provides to Royal Purple’s oils, users can experience more power from their machines, less emissions, optimal fuel economy, and greater resistance to wear.

You can proceed to our site’s “Our Partners” section to learn more about Royal Purple and our other partner manufacturers.

Posted on May 22, 2015

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