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Petroleum is the lifeblood of modern society, allowing vehicles to run, machineries to operate, and power plants to deliver electricity, just to name a few uses. So when man-made or natural disasters strike, fuel reserves are often depleted, causing life to screech to a halt. Worry not, though—Apache Oil Company, one of the nation’s leading supplier of oil products, also provides trusted on site fuel service to clients.

If hurricanes have cut off your community’s fuel supply, or if a petrochemical accident has left your factory at a standstill, we can deliver fuel to your location at any time of the day, on any day of the year. We’ve provided vital assistance during other emergencies, too, such as ice storms, tornadoes, and floods. Whether you’re a utility company, hospital, school, or government office, we provide the fuel you need so your operations can resume at the soonest time possible.

Our company values integrity above all else and we will never take advantage of clients who face dire circumstances. All our price quotes are free of charge and our pricing scheme is very transparent—no hidden fees whatsoever! Our fuel depot is amply stocked so you never have to worry about not getting the fuel you ordered. Furthermore, we have dedicated trucks that can deliver fuel anywhere in the country.

Apache Oil Company also offers value-added services that other suppliers do not. For instance, we offer product cross reference and consolidation analysis for free. This ensures that you’ll always get the right fuel every time you order from us.

Aside from on site fuel delivery, our company offers a wide range of oil-related products and services, too. We perform analytical testing of lubricants, design and install fuel/lube stations, repair broken equipment, and provide fleet fuel programs. Our product lineup, on the other hand, includes wholesale automotive parts, wholesale fuels/lubricants/petroleum, fuel tanks and accessories, filters, chemicals and cleaners.

If you need a one-stop-shop for all things fuel and petroleum, look no further than the Apache Oil Company. To contact us, just call our toll free hotline at 1-800-248-6388. You can also send your inquiries to our email address: sales@apacheoilcompany.com. We’re here to help you no matter what emergency you face!

Posted on Jul 10, 2014

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