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Fuel is crucial to the operation of cars and heavy equipment as it is the primary source of power for pretty much every piece of modern machinery. It should be noted, though, that while petroleum provides the motive power of vehicles and equipment, it can also be the reason why fuel systems get dirty or why engines break down. A VehicleMD article explored how fuel systems accumulate dirt and how this can become a serious problem over time:

Fuel System

“Owen Heatwole is the Technical Support and Environmental Health and Safety manager for Solid Start. Heatwole’s 32 years of experience make him an excellent source of information about fuel systems, how they get grimy and how to keep them well maintained.


Heatwole explained how the hot soak period leads to a dirtier fuel system. “At each engine shut-down, fuel residues remain in critical areas: on the tips of the fuel injectors, on the intake valves and in the combustion chambers. Light fuel molecules evaporate, but sticky, waxy substances remain. These fuel residues bake during each ‘hot soak.’ With time, they can accumulate and form harmful deposits.”


Some symptoms of a dirty fuel system are reduced fuel economy and performance, but drivers should be careful because advanced technology in today’s engines makes these signs much harder to spot.”

A dirty fuel system can result in sudden and costly complications such as engine failure, which many vehicle and equipment owners may not be prepared to handle. This is a valid reason to invest in a dependable fuel injector cleaner, which can be purchased from trusted suppliers in the greater Houston area such as Apache Oil Company, to prevent engine troubles from happening in the first place. Regular use of such cleaners significantly reduces the risk of car and machinery breakdowns, thus helping avoid unnecessary expenses and loss of potential income.

By using tried and tested fuel system cleaners, many companies that rely on automobiles and heavy equipment can ensure that these pieces of machinery perform at optimum levels by using fuel economically and efficiently. Clean fuel lines mean that the chances of fuel contamination and dirt clogs are low, extending engine service lifetimes and providing greater savings in the long run.

While using effective fuel injector cleaners scrubs systems of dirt, getting dirty is a hazard that many technicians and mechanics face when cleaning engines. As oil and fuel are hazardous substances that can cause skin irritation, it is advisable that people also make use of products such as authentic GOJO hand cleaners or our Top Selling Dynamite Hand Cleaner to wash away residues and automobile sludge once maintenance is done. Haven’t tried Dynamite Hand Cleaner? Call us today to find out why we now recommend this as the best hand cleaner in the business!

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Posted on Jul 29, 2014

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