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With the high prices for gas today, it’s no wonder that many consumers continue to look for different ways they can save at the pump. Some change their driving habits, others change the types of fuels they use, and others still install devices that advertise supposed gas savings.


Ease Your pain

For businesses that operate large vehicle fleets, the gas price problem is even more of a problem. If one family struggles to keep gas in their tank, imagine how much of a bigger issue it is for a business if they have to account for the increased cost of fuel for every vehicle in their fleet. With so many vehicles to keep well-fed, more expensive fuel costs suddenly becomes a problem of much greater proportions.
Given the problem that businesses with large fleets of vehicles have to face with increased gas prices, it’s easy to see that it is they who also stand to gain the most by reducing the amount of fuel they consume every day.
One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of fuel each vehicle in a fleet uses is to make sure that they are properly kept in tune, as an article on ABC News suggested:

Cars run more efficiently when they are kept in tune. It often makes sense to get them tuned more often than the manufacturer recommends.
You might do some of the work yourself. For instance, spark plugs can be easily checked and cleaned or replaced, says Mike Forsythe, managing editor of Haynes Repair Manuals in Newbury Park, Calif.
He also recommends pouring a bottle of fuel-injector cleaner in the gas tank every six months or so to help the engine maintain peak efficiency.

Several things stand out here. First, it doesn’t hurt to be a little overzealous with regular maintenance. Fixing issues earlier can keep them from growing into even greater problems that will balloon upkeep costs and may even keep vehicles off the road.
Second, having a dedicated maintenance team for larger fleets can save money. If a fleet is sufficiently large to keep an in-house maintenance team busy year round, it can trade the higher cost of having vehicles repaired for the lower cost of hiring skilled mechanics and technicians, and providing them with tools and some high-quality GOJO hand cleaner to clean up afterwards.
Finally, using fuel-saving additives like a good fuel injector cleaner may help. Companies like Apache Oil Company, which have years of experience with using and selling such additives, can help people avoid the products that don’t work and point customers towards the ones they themselves would trust on their own fleets.
(Source: These tips can ease your pain at the pump, ABC News)

Posted on Oct 2, 2014

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