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At Apache Oil Company, we are proud to be considered as a highly trusted automotive dealer supplies provider here in the state, especially since Texas car dealers and repair shops do not give their seal of approval so easily. A distributor of lubricants, coolants, and other oil-based engine products and accessories has to please these businesses first with excellent customer service and with high-quality automotive parts like hydraulic filters before getting their nod. We are glad to say that every dealership we’ve worked and are currently working with is very satisfied of the products we carry and the kind of service we render.

Furthermore, our lubricants and emergency oil delivery offerings are two of the many goods and services that continuously receive good word and commentary from our customers. Besides these, clients also like the Baldwin line of hydraulic filters, which we recommend to ensure that hydraulic systems remain efficient and safe. Here at Apache Oil Company, we would never provide any product that we would not use ourselves. Our customers can rest assured that every product recommendation that we make comes only after extensive review and testing.

With Baldwin Filters, we are confident of the reliability, integrity, and quality of their hydraulic filter products as the company is known to be an industry innovator. Just like their other offerings, Baldwin Hydraulic Filters–especially the PureForce® Filter line–have been designed and created using up-to-date methods like 3-D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic technology. Moreover, the PureForce® Hydraulic Filter line of products have undergone extensive evaluation at Baldwin’s state-of-the-art technical center and passed rigorous field testings.

When we chose to recommend Baldwin Filters, we considered characteristics like closer tolerance, faster cycle times, higher pressures and extended service intervals. These aspects, in our view, are necessary to ensure that our customers could get the maximum value out of the purchases they make. Additionally, we also took a look at the manufacturer’s stature in the world as a reliable maker of filters. Thus, we have staked our reputation on Baldwin Hydraulic Filters as the most appropriate brand of hydraulic filters for businesses engaged in selling and fixing cars.

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

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