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Automotive supplies dealers are always on the lookout for products that provide value for their customers, and in terms of quality automotive dealer supplies, there is nothing better than a component that helps enhance engine performance. At Apache Oil Company, we’ve found that few products compare to Baldwin’s fuel/water separators, which filter fuel for a cleaner and more efficient burn.

Dirty fuel is something that every motorist has to deal with. When present in a vehicle, this can impede an engine’s performance and efficiency, making the vehicle use more gas than is actually required to run it.
Several kinds of contaminants can render a fuel “dirty”. Water mixed into the fuel can destroy the substance’s lubricating properties and damage fuel system components. Also, fungus and bacteria can clog fuel filters and feed on the hydrocarbons essential for combustion. In addition, precipitates and particulates can settle out of the fuel and impede proper flow. Removing such contaminants is the goal of a good fuel filter, and Baldwin’s filters fit this characteristic to a T.
Baldwin’s filters are designed to remove a wide variety of fuel pollutants to improve engine efficiency and performance. Using high-reliability materials crafted to exacting standards with state-of-the-art engineering, each Baldwin fuel filter meets all the minimum requirements set by SAE J905 and ISO 19438, while adding a number of features such as raised keys that allow them to be used on multiple fuel bases.
Tackling the problem of dirty fuel for customers is a great way to provide them with the extra value and responsive service that would make them want to keep coming back for your automotive expertise. Owners seldom understand the effect that dirty fuel has on their vehicles, and will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in performance that high-quality Baldwin filters can give. These steps can inspire trust and loyalty among your clients as well as expand your potential reach.
As a company that runs its own fleet of trucks, we at Apache Oil Company can attest to Baldwin’s fuel filters being among the best of the best on the market. To find out more, reach out to us using the contact information available right here on our site through the “Contact Us” page.

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

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