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The importance of oil to making vehicles and equipment run cannot be overstated, as the fluid makes it possible for engines to efficiently function while avoiding accelerated degradation of crucial parts. In an article for Autonet, Robert Forte listed down the vital functions that oil performs:

Oil Facts

“The first and most important function is to form a film between the moving parts to reduce friction. Second, oil carries away heat from parts much in the same way water does when splashed on a hot surface. Third, oil helps piston rings to seal with the cylinders, preventing loss of compression. Fourth, it acts as a cushion between parts to reduce noise. Fifth, it carries away dirt particles from the parts it protects. Sixth, it helps reduce corrosion.”

Owners and handlers now have the option of using either conventional or synthetic motor oil for machinery. The article highlighted the advantages of using synthetic oil over the more traditional variants:

“Drivers, who don’t mind paying a little extra up front can choose synthetic oil because it breaks down much slower than conventional oil and therefore can be changed less often. Synthetic oil also uses additives that greatly increase the temperature range in which the oil remains fluid, the boiling point is much higher, and it virtually never breaks down.”

Here are additional reasons why modern synthetic engine oil presents a better option for car and machinery owners:

Custom designed
Synthetic motor oil manufacturers create designer molecules or chemically alter conventional oil to specifically target particular aspects of engine performance. Depending on the car or machinery one has, there’s a unique synthetic engine liquid that would work best for each type of engine used.

Helpful additives
Unlike conventional variants, synthetic oil is mixed with detergents, dispersants, antioxidants, friction modifiers, and other additives in specific amounts which yield a blend suitable for the particular machine used, all the while reducing environmental impact.

Better fuel mileage
Synthetic motor oil use results into smoother and cooler engine operation. Few are aware, though, that this condition creates an internal environment that is conducive to better fuel consumption, which offers drivers and operators more value for their fuel purchase. This means farther drives for cars and longer operation times for equipment.

Reputable distributors of oil products such as Apache Oil Company can provide machinery owners with advice and useful information on synthetic motor oil. They can even help people pick the right brand and assist in making sure that engines remain fit for long-term operation. Apache Oil Company carries a variety of synthetic engine oil to meet every type of usage from daily driving to high demand usage by organizations relying on fleet fuel service and heavy loads.

(Source: Conventional vs. Synthetic – Oil the Facts, Autonet, June 19, 2014)

Posted on Jul 30, 2014

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