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As a leading synthetic oil distributor, the Apache Oil Company understands that proper lubrication is vital for optimum engine performance. That’s why we remind consumers to carefully scrutinize the motor oil brands they patronize, especially as substandard products have begun appearing on the market.

Just recently, the Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) issued a “Don’t Buy” warning against the motor oil brand called Orbit. The manufacturer is headquartered in Gary, Indiana, so the product is available in the state and in nearby Missouri. However, the motor oil is reportedly present in shelves throughout the Midwest as well.

According to PQIA’s analysis, Orbit motor oils are exceedingly thin—up to 74% below the minimum requirements for their viscosity grade. The organization says that thin motor oils cannot properly lubricate, so they can’t adequately protect your engine. This leads to serious problems like rapid wear and tear, or even total engine seizure. Saving a few dollars on motor oils at purchase and having them fail to protect your engine can cost significant dollars in repair and downtime for your vehicle.

Furthermore, the PQIA found that the motor oil lacked key additives that prevented engine problems such as sludge formation and rusting and corrosion. It may also contain contaminants that can further damage engines.

To get the best synthetic engine oil possible, be sure to purchase your supplies from a reputable distributor like Apache Oil Company. We proudly carry some of the most trusted brands in the world, such as Shell, Castrol, Houghton, Phillips 66, Quaker State and Pennzoil, among others.

When you need reliable engine oils, give us a call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have 202,000 gallons of bulk lubricants and a wide variety of packaged lubricants in our 30,000-square-foot warehouse, so we can cater to you no matter how big or small your order is. Our delivery area includes the Greater Houston Area, along with the nine adjacent counties. We’ll gladly and promptly deliver products by quart, gallon, case, pail, keg, drum or bulk order.

Aside from offering engine oils, the Apache Oil Company also offers a wide selection of products. These include fuel, fuel tanks and accessories, engine filters and cleaning products and equipment. Our services, on the other hand, include emergency fueling, on-site fuel delivery, and specialized services such as fuel testing and lubrication surveys.

When you need excellent oil products and services, don’t rely on off-brand merchandise or shady companies. Pick up the phone and call our office so you can experience the Apache difference!

Posted on May 20, 2014

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