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When looking for gear lubricants, a lot of people rely on the numbers like it’s some kind of game. However, lubricant selection is more than just numbers. The figures cannot determine whether you have the right product for a specific application. Adequate research from the right resources must be done because you can easily get tricked into buying the wrong oil if you don’t understand just what the numbers signify.


How to choose the appropriate lubricant for your gears?

Define what your goals are. Just like other things, you need to define your lubrication goals especially when it involves a specific and important piece of equipment. While setting a broad goal is fine in itself, to enhance the reliability of the equipment so it can function the way it is expected to. Maintaining equipment is never an easy task but you can reduce the time you spend on the pieces if you have the right product – Shell lubricants are one good way to go. Before you can do this, understand that lubrication is not just for reliability of the equipment but is also used for energy efficiency since it can reduce the friction and heat on the equipment it is applied to. Therefore, find a product that will the equipment to perform as necessary.

Consult the experts and ask for advice. In every field, there will always be sales experts and professionals that are available to help you choose the right product. However, make sure that their opinions are not biased. Ideally, seek the advice of a lubrication engineer or a person whose job is focused mainly on lubricating equipment like those who are assigned in equipment maintenance. These people are more often than not experts in their own fields.

Read recommendations and equipment compatibility. The next step that you should consider doing is read the original manufacturer’s recommendation regarding lubricants. Some of these guides are published and available for consumers to read. In some cases, there are reputable suppliers that can provide you the information you need, as well. There are specification lists that are must know for customers but only a few take time to read because of the belief that companies automatically give them what they want. If you have the time to shop for the right equipment, make sure you have the time to read the fine prints, too.

Products like Shell lubricants, if found compatible, can make your equipment perform the way you want it to or perhaps even better.


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Posted on Dec 17, 2015

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