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It would be an understatement to say that fuel is an important resource; after all, conventional fuel made things such as transportation and food preparation much easier. Fuel is also valuable to manufacturers and businesses, particularly those who work with heavy equipment powered by engines. Just like regular motorists and their cars, manufacturers need to stay on top of their fuel reserves or end up with completely inoperable hardware.

There will be occasions when manufacturers and industrial businesses will find themselves dangerously low on fuel. Such situations can cause setbacks to production, and could cost the business hundreds of thousands if they are not resolved. Fortunately, Apache Oil Company provides a suite of fueling services that those in the oil, chemical, and petro-chemical industries can appreciate. If you need emergency fuel services and the like, we are more than willing to lend your business a helping hand.

Emergency Fueling Service

During plant turnaround phases, retail fuel suppliers can get caught off-guard with the shortage (or lack thereof) of precious fuel. Such occasions are not unheard of, and could cost the business a lot of money. Rather than succumb to loss, refineries should turn to alternative sources for fuel while they are still recuperating.

Apache Oil Company offers emergency fueling to plants, refineries, and other similar manufacturing establishments whenever needed. Our services are available 24 hours a day, because we know that emergencies can arise anytime and should be responded to immediately. Our service is perfect for refineries undergoing urgent plant shutdowns. You could also call us for our emergency services in the event that your plant or refinery suffers damage from natural calamities, and badly needs fuel after having lost its last supply to nature.

Onsite Fueling

Refinery turnaround periods can be the hardest to manage, especially when the available labor and materials are limited. Those plants that cannot afford to lose their fuel despite the downsizing of their operations could definitely use Apache Oil Company’s handy onsite fuel service. Allow us to supply you with the means to continue with your work or to make up for deficiencies, so that you can focus on revamping your operations.

Our on site fueling service is not just limited to the oil, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Construction sites, leased properties, strip centers, refrigeration setups, and even businesses that maintain a fleet of trucks—all these can benefit from our fueling services. For more information on how we can provide you with the fuel you need, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 1-800-248-6388.

Here is a partial list of Apache Oil Company services offered to the oil industry, chemical and petro-chemical plants during shut-downs, factories, and any type of facility that requires emergency fuel delivery or regular on-site fuel service.


  • Emergency Fueling Service

  • On Site Fuel Service

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery
  • Emergency Fuel (for Chemical and Petrochemical Plant Shutdowns)
  • Emergency Oil Delivery
  • On Site Fueling
  • On-Site Fuel Service
  • Onsite Fuel Delivery
  • Full Bulk Products Loading Rack On Premises
  • Refueling For Trucks & Heavy Equipment
  • Bulk Lube/Fuel Equipment Installation
  • Used Oil and Filter Service
  • Oil Analysis Programs
  • Delivery Within the Greater Houston Area
  • “Hard-to-Find” Oil And Automotive Specialty Products
  • Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS) On Staff for Technical Services & Troubleshooting


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