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Managing an automotive repair shop is hard work; it will involve a lot of cleaning and providing your customers with exceptional and unparalleled service. Most of all, supervising and operating an auto service shop will entail organization and resource management. You will want to have enough technicians to look after the needs of your clients, and have enough car supplies to facilitate services such as oil changes, part replacements, and so on.

Securing Automotive Dealer Supplies for Your Vehicle Service Shop

Your car repair shop needs to be adequately stocked with enough supplies for its services. You could have the most competent automotive services in the industry, but without the necessary supplies, you can only provide so much to your clients. Preempt any supply shortages, and source your stock from a trusted automotive dealer of supplies, such as Apache Oil Company.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Adequate Supply Stocks?

There are several very good reasons why you would want more than enough auto supplies in stock for your automotive service shop.

  • Improves customer service – Some car service shop owners might think it would be more economical if they seldom restock their supplies; after all, customers will not always be purchasing such goods. This can be a terrible mistake, especially if a customer urgently needs a specific part, such as Baldwin filters, but the shop has none to spare. Customers will not sit well with a car shop that cannot provide what they need, so if you value customer service, you will need to keep ample stocks.
  • Potential for profit – Fixed operations such as the sale of automotive parts and providing maintenance services are very profitable, provided that you have enough supply to meet demand. Can you imagine the potential loss of profit if you have no supplies to sell to your clients? Oil changes, filter replacements, brake disc replacements—customers are willing to pay good money to give their cars only the best, so you should have high quality supplies at hand.
  • Convenience – Your car service shop might be located far from your regular supplier. Instead of having your supplier constantly deliver stocks to your far-flung location, consider stockpiling supplies. This way, you can spend less on supply deliveries, and have enough stock for any emergencies.


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Posted on Jun 4, 2015

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