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While great response times and effective customer service both contribute greatly to customers’ overall satisfaction and their willingness to provide repeat business to any company, nothing fulfills these goals more than providing high quality products day in and day out. In the automotive dealer supplies industry and trucking industry, one name stands out for its unparalleled dedication to providing top-quality filters—Baldwin Filters—and this is precisely why at Apache Oil Company, we put our trust in them as both a manufacturer and one of our partners.

At Apache Oil Company, product quality has always been one of the top characteristics we take into account before we commit to working with a company to distribute their products. To go one step further and capture our interest in a partnership, however, you’ve got to be an exceptional breed of special, and that’s precisely what Baldwin is to us.

The leading designer and producer of automotive filters in the United States, Baldwin appeals to our bona fide sense of pride in Texas. However, far above but still hand in hand with that distinction, we believe that their products are second to none.

Baldwin employs a diverse team of engineers who continually strive to improve their products. Unlike other manufacturers who stick to tried and tested filter designs, we’ve observed that Baldwin is unafraid to take risks in the quest for oil, fuel, coolant, hydraulic liquid, and air-cleaning excellence. Using state-of-the-art technologies, such as 3D CAD modeling and stereo lithographic prototyping, the company is able to design filters of such high quality that they meet, and even exceed, OEM specifications.

That the company not only produces filters, but also manufactures filter components as well, also contributes to Baldwin’s incomparable quality and pricing. By building filters from the base up, the company is able to control both the quality and cost of their products to maintain a considerable advantage over their competition.

So when looking for filters to stock your dealership, automotive supplies center, or trucking fleet remember to put Baldwin’s products on top of your needs list. At Apache Oil Company, we stock all types of filters from Baldwin. Call our friendly staff to discuss your needs, from midrange radial seal filter for air intakes to top-of-the-line Baldwin filters for lubricant feed lines, like the High Velocity Dual-Flow filter, or practically any other type of filter your business might need.

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

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