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SHELL ROTELLA®  50/50 Coolant Antifreeze is a conventional, single-phase, ethylene glycol
based heavy-duty diesel engine coolant with silicate, nitrite and molybdate.

Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED already contains the initial dose of supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) and is ready for use in initial fill, flush and fill, and top-up applications. Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED is
compatible with commercially available SCAs and meets TMC RP 329 and ASTM D6210. Use of a Shell
ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED precharged with SCA as top-up may help reduce the number of SCA
treatments required over the coolants life. Commercially available test strips or a test tool can be used
with this product to determine when additional SCAs must be added. Always refer to your vehicles
owners manual for exact coolant requirements.


• heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engine coolant/antifreeze for use in on-road or off-road vehicles
Features and Benefits
• effective, long term corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper
• highly stabilized, low silicate formula helps reduce deposits
• hard water scale inhibitor reduces scale
• protects against winter freeze up and minimizes the chance of summer boil over
• superior anti-foam characteristics
• compatible with other commercially available fully formulated coolants
• compatible with cooling system SCA/chemical filters
• can be tested with commercially available test strips or tools
• does not require an initial dose of supplemental coolant additives
• may reduce the number of supplemental coolant additives required when used as a top-up fluid
• compatible with other fully formulated coolants like Cat DEAC, Fleetguard Compleat®, FLEET
CHARGE®, Prestone® Heavy Duty, POWER-COOL ®
• All product bittered for your safety as well as use where required by state regulations

Approvals and Recommendations

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