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Looking for Top-Class Phillips 66 Lubricants in Houston, TX and surrounding counties? Look no further than Apache Oil Company.

At Apache Oil Company we are honored to be viewed by our clients as the leading supplier of Phillips 66 Industrial Lubricants in Houston Texas and surrounding counties to automotive suppliers, car dealerships, companies with fleet vehicles, chemical plant shutdowns and plant turnarounds in the Greater Houston Texas area. This is something that makes us glad and even more determined to provide our customers with top-class products.

What made us decide to partner up with Phillips 66? One of the reasons is its long and rich history, which can be traced back to the year 1905. Brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips discovered oil in Oklahoma, which eventually led to the launch of the Phillips Petroleum Company in 1917. Later on, Phillips 66 introduced its very first multi-grade motor oil, the 1954 TropArtic® All Season. In 1979, the company launched a first for the aviation industry: an ashless dispersant oil with multi-viscosity, the X/C®.

Phillips 66 went on to become a well-respected and highly recommended brand across multiple industries, such as the automotive, agriculture, aviation, construction, motorcycle, snowmobile, industrial, and marine segments. Apache Oil Company offers the brand’s quality lubricants, particularly hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transmission fluid, and heavy duty engine oil.

We understand the unique demands to our clients. They are also businesses that want to provide the best for their customers, which is why they always need to have the best products in abundant supply. Thus, we don’t stop at offering these premium items but also provide 24/7 delivery service all year round to ensure that our clients get the products in the quantities that they require whenever they need it.

In addition, our clients need to ensure value in their transactions, as this is something that anyone running a business must strive towards. However, we don’t just tell our clients that we can provide them the value they require; we let them gauge our services themselves. We are open to answer all inquiries about Phillips 66 and the other brands we offer. Moreover, we provide free price quotes to our potential clients.

If you are a client in need of top-class industrial lubricants, call us today for a free quote on Phillips 66 Industrial Lubricants. For more information on our product catalog, take a look at our website’s “Products” or “Our Partners” pages.

Posted on Feb 6, 2016

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