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Shell Rotella T5 10w30

Synthetic Blend Technology Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

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With over 40 years experience, Apache Oil Company, proud supplier of Shell industrial lubricants, is here to fulfill all your Shell oil and inustrial lubricant needs in the greater Houston area.

Shell Rotella T5 10w30 Benefits

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil combines synthetic blend base oils and advanced additives to deliver excellent protection, even at low temperatures where the enhanced cold-flow properties help protect your engine.

Shell ROTELLA® T5 synthetic blend heavy duty engine oil with Triple Protection Plus™technology uses synthetic base oils plus advanced additive technology to provide protection against wear, deposits and oil breakdown PLUS:

  • Improved oxidation protection under extreme conditions compared to CJ-4 oils
  • Demonstrated protection against oxidation and corrosion in the presence of biodiesel
  • Extended drain capabilities
  • Fuel economy savings up to 1.6% compared to a conventional 15W-40, helping you stretch your budget and improve your bottom line

It delivers an average of 44% better than the maximum wear requirements.**

**Calculated average based on API CK-4 wear test results

It’s designed to provide hard working protection that adapts to your driving conditions PLUS:

  • Provides excellent wear protection, well beyond the recommended oil drain interval of 50,000 miles demonstrated through oil analysis during millions of miles of field testing. So you can rest assured that Shell ROTELLA® T5 10W-30 will protect your engine like a heavier viscosity engine oil such as Shell ROTELLA® T4 15W-40.
  • Better cold cranking properties and better low temperature pumpability at – 25 degrees C and – 30 degrees C, respectively. That means it reaches critical engine parts faster in colder temperatures, to minimize wear and make hard work easier in harsh climates.
  • Demonstrated protection against oxidation and corrosion in the presence of biodiesel
  • The low ash formulation helps protect the exhaust catalysts and particulate filters found on the latest low emission vehicles. It is suitable for use in all on or off highway engines requiring an API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 or CH-4 diesel oil in this viscosity grade.

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