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Shell Rotella T3 15W-40 Texas

maintenance saving for fleets

Looking for Shell Rotella T3 15W-40 in Texas? Call Apache Oil Company today, a proud distributor of Shell lubricants and motor oils with locations in Pasadena and Sweeny TX, serving the greater Houston area and beyond.


You need to know your oil will protect your engine under all conditions, no matter how hot, cold, steep, dusty, muddy or extended your operations, you demand protection.

Features Of Rotella T3 15W-40

The Energized Protection™ of Shell Rotella® heavy duty diesel engine oils provides protection in three critical areas:

1. Acid control — helps protect against corrosion from acids formed as fuel burns and as the oil ages

2. Deposit control — helps keep engine clean for optimum performance and long life

3. Wear control — helps keep moving metal engine surfaces apart for long life

That is what TRIPLE protection means.

Shell Rotella® T3 Energized Protection™ oils are an integrated part of the Shell Fleet Management Program, designed to help minimize cost of operation and lubricant ownership, and maximize equipment utilization. Shell Rotella® T3 has been tested in both current and older emission engines and meets the API CJ-4 requirements for enhanced performance, whether you use the latest engines or older models.

Shell Rotella® T3 has 26 million miles of realworld testing, on and off road. You get everything you demand for your fleet: economical, reliable lubricant performance for on- and off-highway applications.

Shell Rotella® T3 gives all-around protection for turbo- and non-turbocharged motors.


Below is a comparision chart between Shell Rotella T3 and T4

Click the followng link for complete specifications sheet: Rotella T3 15W-40 Specifications


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