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Looking for metal working fluids and other products from Houghton for your business in Texas?

Look no further than Apache Oil Company. We have been in business for over 40 years and are a proud wholesale supplier of Houghton products in Houston, TX and all surrounding areas. In fact, it is our mission to be the best Houghton distributor in all of Texas.



Houghton Metalworking

Apache Oil Company is the largest Houghton International product distributor in the Houston area.  Houghton International is the world’s largest metal working fluids company.  Apache’s metalworking specialists on staff have decades of experience in testing and specifying products for all metalworking applications, and they are supported by Houghton’s excellent local representation just a phone call away.  Houghton products are highly touted as key elements in lowering total operating costs in many of our customers’ operations.

Got a metalworking problem?  We are ready to solve it for you!

Contact us at Apache for more details plus customer testimonials, and we’ll start saving you money in your operations too!

Simply dial or tap the following number: 1-800-248-6388

We invite your comments below, and if you have had a positive experience with our Houghton products, we would also appreciate it if you will leave us a positive review on our Apache Oil Company Google+ page as well.

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