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Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 Texas

Market Leading Extneded Drain Oil

Looking to buy Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 in Texas? Contact Apache Oil with locations in Pasadena (Houston) and Sweeny Texas. In business frover 40 years, Apache Oil Company is a proud distributor of Castrol motor oils, lubricants and other fluids, and is here to serve your fleet’s oil & lubricant needs.




Here’s the bottom line: An extended maintenance plan for your fleet will save time and money. Vehicles spending less time in the shop are more productive. And huge savings can be realized in labor costs, too, whether your preventative maintenance is done in-house or outsourced.

Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 is the market-leading extended drain oil, safely allowing fleets to run up to 50,000 mile drain intervals in over-the-road applications and 600 hours in off-road and vocational applications.

Need proof? Since its launch in 2001, Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 has amassed over one billion miles of on-road use and 250 million hours in off-road/vocational use. Mile after mile, Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 has been proven again and again, creating millions of dollars of efficiencies for fleet operators. An added benefit is that by using Castrol Hypuron 15W-40, these operators have helped take hundreds of thousands of gallons out of the waste-oil stream.

Castrol Hypuron is a 15W-40 heavy duty diesel engine oil designed to provide superior performance and protection for the latest technology US 2007 compliant engines, including those fitted with Diesel Parrticulate Filter exhaust after treatment devices.

The primary application of Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 is for the latest low emission US trucks, buses and equipment; it can also be used in older vehicles. Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 also provides the potential to extend conventional oil drain intervals.

Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 has a special high TBN, low ash formulation developed to provide outstanding performance and protection for diesel engines, whilst allowing the extension of conventional oil drain intervals.

User Benefits Include:

  • Extended oil drain intervals to keep vehicles on the road for longer. The unique additive technology used in Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 keeps on protecting the engine even when oil drain intervals are extended, so downtime is reduced
  • Superior soot handling capability. EGR engines can produce higher levels of soot in the oil, which could lead to
    blocked filters and resulting engine damage. Castrol Hypuron 15W-40’s exceptional dispersancy ensures that high soot levels are dispersed to prevent engine harm.
  • Maximum engine protection. Castrol Hypuron 15W-40’s unique high TBN and low ash formulation ensures complete engine protection by neutralizing acids and minimizing piston deposits even under

We know there are countlss fleets just in the greater Houston area that could benefit by using Castrol Hypuron, and we are here to make sure you get access to the best oils and lubricants as well as get the best prices to help sav eyou money and help your fleet run longer.


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