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All companies want to control their costs, while maintaining and even improving their productivity at the same time. Thanks to the Apache Oil Company’s renowned on-site fuel service, these goals no longer have to be mutually exclusive.

For fleet operators, the company offers comprehensive fleet fuel programs that will refill all of your vehicles’ tanks no matter the time of the day. We understand that your trucks carry precious cargo all day, and that any fuel shortage will place your logistics schedule in disarray. Whether your last truck pulls up at five in the afternoon or five in the morning, our team can come and deliver fuel so your vehicles are ready to deliver their payloads the next day.

Our tankers can deliver diesel, gasoline, or both, and we use separate hose systems to eliminate cross-contamination. When you take advantage of our onsite fuel delivery, your administrative load will also be minimized. This is because our system will analyze your fueling patterns in order to generate reports that clearly show how much fuel each vehicle is consuming. With this data on hand, you can further maximize your fleet’s operational efficiency.

Aside from the tangible benefits to the logistics industry, the Apache Oil Company’s on-site fueling has also proven invaluable in allowing emergency utility crews to continue working during power outages. Such a service is particularly important in instances when storms knock out an area’s power supply and utility crews have to work overtime to conduct repairs.

Likewise, construction companies can benefit from our fueling services. Construction projects require heavy machinery that consumes a vast amount of fuel. Since projects are often located in remote sites, contractors can contact us to deliver fuel on the spot to minimize downtime and thus increase profit.

Our goal is to give all of our customers the best possible value, and our dedicated fuel delivery management team will make sure that you get your fuel whenever and wherever you want it. Contact us now for a free price quote on deliveries and discover how much you can save on an annual basis.

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Posted on Aug 29, 2014

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