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At Apache Oil Company, our decades of solid experience in the industry have taught us to give importance to every part of an engine no matter its size and function. While a fuel injector cleaner may not be on the top of the list for common truck care priorities, this part is responsible for delivering just the right amount of fuel to an internal combustion engine at exactly the right moment, and thus should never be ignored.

Neglecting your fuel injectors can have severe consequences that can prevent you from maximizing your truck fleet’s performance. Unclean fuel injectors lead to inefficient ignition, poor acceleration, harmful emissions, and uneven idling. All of these can contribute to power loss and fuel waste. In addition, injector wear is a significant factor that can deteriorate an engine’s performance and reduce its service lifespan. Moreover, a fuel injector only needs to reach 10% blockage to cause an engine misfire, something that all operators would definitely want to avoid.

Fuel efficiency and proper system maintenance is vital in ensuring smooth operations, cost-effectiveness, and strong performance, and helps avoid major problems down the road. However, this can be affected by several factors such as those outlined above, many of which can strike when you least expect it. Fortunately, automotive supplies such as cleaners and engine oil additives for truck fleets in Texas and the surrounding areas are always within reach, as Apache Oil Company is just standing by to bring you the solutions that you need.

We make sure that we only carry high-quality products we can stand behind. Our proximity to fuel supply points, our substantial fleet of skilled drivers, and our efficient management all make us unsurpassed when it comes to speedy service.

In addition, we make no distinctions between large and small orders. Whether you need a single drum or bulk amounts of fuel, engine oils, and other chemicals, we will be glad to bring them to you 24 hours a day, every single day of the week, whenever the need arises. We deliver to the Pasadena area and numerous Texas localities, and we ensure the prompt arrival of what you need to help you keep going.

For more information about the services and product lines available from our business, visit us at www.ApacheOilCompany.com.

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

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