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One of the main services that auto shops and dealerships can offer their customers is improving the fuel efficiency of the customers’ cars, and one way to do this is by installing a cold air system. Cold air systems make use of ductwork and air filters that are quite different from the original construction by the car maker. An article by Brian Turner in Inside Ottawa Valley describes how this system works:

“The air filters on these kits are designed to move more air at a faster rate. This allows greater volumes of cooler and denser air to get into the engine’s intake. When a gasoline engine can ingest cooler and denser air, it burns the fuel more completely. Carmakers use traditional systems instead of cold-air intakes primarily to reduce noise. Cold-air systems with their open air filters are somewhat noisier than OEM systems.”

Installing cold air systems usually does not void carmaker warranties, so consumers will have less apprehensions about changing the ductwork and filters in their new cars. However, for a cold air system to be fully effective, only quality air filters, such as high-performance Baldwin filters, should be used. These products make use of the latest in technology to allow air to move faster in the car’s system.

Improving Fuel Efficiency by Using High Performance Baldwin Filters

Also, car services should warn their customers about the noise that a cold air system generates, as described on the excerpted part of the article. The noise typically prompts drivers to ‘step on the gas’, thus increasing fuel consumption instead of the other way around. If drivers can learn to attune their driving habits to cold air system characteristics, they can optimize the fuel efficiency of their cars.

Car service centers should also make sure they stock quality automotive dealer supplies from reliable suppliers like Apache Oil Company. As everybody tries to find ways to save on fuel consumption, car professionals can better help their customers by using and supplying them with the right products that can improve a car’s efficiency.

(Source: Cold air: giving a boost to power and mileage?, Inside Ottawa Valley, February 27, 2014)

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

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