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There are many factors that can be overlooked by companies that do no not have the experience of Apache Oil Company during Plant Turnarounds and On-site Fueling jobs. Don’t fall victim to an inexperienced company. We have over 40 years in the industry and know exactly what you need.

Here at Apache Oil Company, we want our clients to get the best results on any project that involves our services. One of the most important things we do is managing valuable refinery turnarounds in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

A turnaround is costly, not just because of the expense it entails but also because of production loss. However, no one can deny its importance to the future of a company. The goal, then, is to keep it as short as possible.

To reduce costs and assure efficiency, a turnaround should follow a highly-detailed process divided into different phases:

  • Strategic Planning – This provides an overview of what will be done during the turnaround and how each step will be carried out.
  • Detailed Planning – In this phase, we go through the specifics and create more solid plans towards attaining what was set on the first phase.
  • Organizing – This phase is for the distribution of tasks and scheduling.
  • Execution – This is where the tasks are actually carried out by all parties involved.
  • Closeout – After the execution, detailed reports of the turnaround process are presented and results are analyzed.

What makes this cessation of operations necessary? A scheduled plant turnaround in Texas can provide solutions to maintenance issues that are impossible to address without halting plant operations. When these problems are not handled ASAP, a catastrophic event may occur in the future which will be even more costly and can even lead to permanent plant shutdown.

Moreover, numerous regulatory bodies mandate regular turnarounds. The goal is to prevent accidents and improve safety within the plant. Also, many expensive equipment include turnarounds in their warranty conditions.

In their haste, there are companies that overlook crucial details that can impact the turnaround process and the company. We don’t want this to happen to our clients. One of the most oft overlooked factors is selecting the on-site fueling service contractor. Usually, companies just go for the first fueling company they encounter. This is a mistake since the expertise of the service provider is critical.

In this light, we impart our 30 years of experience (which have made us industry leaders) to our clients. We can reliably provide services for fueling shutdowns of chemical and industrial plants within 100 miles of Houston, Texas. We can also cater to the unique needs of every project and make sure that everything is managed thoroughly.

For a free quote and to find out why Apache Oil Company is the best choice for your fueling needs during a plant shutdown, call us at 1-800-248-6388 or send us an email at sales@apacheoilcompany.com. Interested parties can also browse our site to learn more about our services.

Posted on Jan 18, 2016

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