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At Apache Oil Company, we understand what makes engines tick. So while many customers know us as a leading fuel injector cleaner supplier, we also provide a wide range of products that help all engine types run smoothly. One such product we offer are hydraulic fluids, a must have item in the automotive and industrial fields.

Basically, a hydraulic system uses fluids to generate power in order to perform a certain task. As you might expect, it can’t perform this function without a hydraulic fluid to transmit that power from one part of the system to another. Choosing any old fluid won’t do, however; aside from efficiently conducting power, the fluid must also protect and lubricate the surrounding parts.

Fortunately, we carry Shell’s Tellus hydraulic fluid range, the world’s best-selling and top performing hydraulic fluid. The Tellus range owes this feat to three remarkable qualities. First, it uses the latest synthetic, ash less technology that can extend pump life even under the most extreme conditions. Second, it utilizes synthetic technologies that offer up to four times the oil life of competitors. Third, it can increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems, thereby reducing cost of operation.

Among our best-selling variants include the Tellus S2 M, which provides better wear protection and is recommended for industrial applications. The Tellus S2 V, on the other hand, gives the same protection but is suitable for machine, factory, mobile equipment and exterior use. Of course, we offer the whole Tellus range, whether you need the reliability of Tier 1 variants or the extreme performance of Tier 4 hydraulic fluids. We also provide these products in a variety of sizes, so you’ll always have enough fluid for the machine you’re operating.

Aside from hydraulic fluids, Apache Oil Company also sells engine oil additives, automotive lubricants, petroleum products, filters, fuel tanks and cleaning supplies. We also provide on-site oil delivery in cases of petro-chemical emergencies or factory shutdowns.

With its world-class product offering and top-notch services, this local, family-owned business quickly grew from a modest business to the prominent company that it is today. If you want your vehicle or machine to run without a hitch, you can depend on Apache Oil Company to provide all the products you’ll need.

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

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