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For truck business operators, their fleet’s fuel efficiency is critical. While some can afford to buy fuel-efficient vehicles, some will have to make do with their current equipment and find ways to minimize fuel consumption as well as to improve fuel economy. To help operators, Business Fleet writer Annie Lubinsky suggested a few tips on how owners of older trucks can do these things, including:

10. Consider a fuel injection cleaner.

Jarantilla uses high-quality gasoline and for years has used a fuel injection cleaner, designed to help keep intake valves clean and lubricate the upper cylinders to aid in maintaining efficiency.

10 Ways to maximize Fuel Effiiciency in Older Trucks

Since a fuel injection system is responsible for delivering the proper ratio of fuel to a truck’s internal combustion engine, this component plays a major role in ensuring the hassle-free transport of goods and commodities. Thus, truck business managers have to keep an eye on their fuel injection systems to determine whether it is time to buy a fuel injector cleaner or not. The following suggestions can help them figure it out:

Monitor vehicle mileage

Truck business operators need to have their staff take note of the mileage or the average distance that their vehicles can cover given a specific amount of fuel. A drop in mileage when the amount of fuel provided remains unchanged can mean that the fuel injection system is delivering an irregular amount of fuel to the engine. The use of engine oil additives combined with a cleaner may aid in this aspect.

Check the flow meter readings

A truck’s flow meter indicates the rate of fuel flow to the engine. If this is lower than usual, it can mean there has been a deposit buildup in the fuel injection system; this makes it incredibly difficult for the system to supply the engine with the appropriate amount of fuel. Having it cleaned can eliminate the blockage and increase the flow rate.

Perform a physical inspection

Performing a physical checkup of the fuel injector is probably the most effective way to know if it needs cleaning or not. Drivers may have to remove the fuel injector to get a closer look. Of course, signs like cracks or damage will require more than cleaning to properly address: The damaged components will have to be replaced.

Fuel efficiency is important in the trucking industry. However, some factors can affect this, making it extremely vital for truck business owners to be vigilant regarding their fuel injection systems. Operators who find themselves in need of chemicals, cleaners, and automotive supplies can rely on distributors like the Apache Oil Company to provide the most effective solutions.

(Source: 10 Ways to Maximize Fuel Efficiency in Older Trucks, Business Fleet)

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

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