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As an auto mechanic, you know how important oil quality and timely oil replacement are to a car’s performance and longevity. A reliable auto repair professional would always take the time to educate his customers about car maintenance, such as matters concerning oil, when to change it, and the best variety for their car. Nowadays, automotive dealer supplies providers highly recommend the use of synthetic over conventional oil for a number of valuable reasons. Understanding how engine oil issues affect car performance will help explain why synthetic oil is the better choice.

For Auto Repair Shops Why Recommend a Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil

Low Oil

Some drivers, particularly new car owners, may not know that running on low oil can damage their car’s engine. Others may simply not be not aware of the signs of low oil level. Oil deprivation is usually caused by a plugged pickup screen in the oil pan, a broken oil pump, leakage, or just plain insufficiency since the oil has already depleted through repetitive use.

Damaged bearings that appear shiny and worn where it comes in contact with the crankshaft journal often indicate oil depletion. Your customer may come to your repair shop complaining about unpleasant noises from under the hood, typically made by parts grinding against each other. A dipstick can be used to measure the oil level in the pan.

Dirty oil

Bearings can also be damaged by dirty oil that has accumulated enough contaminants to clog the filter. This can then cause leaks if not removed during maintenance routine. Dirty oil is thicker and more abrasive, and its additives such as dispersants, corrosion fighters, detergents and friction reducers will soon wear out until the oil can no longer provide adequate protection. As it becomes denser with filth, it will cease lubricating and may ultimately lead to engine wear and failure.

Why suggest synthetic oil to your customer?

Synthetic motor oil works better than regular oil when it comes to minimizing engine wear. It’s thinner and more resilient to temperatures. It effectively transfers heat, allowing the vehicle’s engine to stay cooler. It doesn’t offer any noticeable difference in the way the car performs, but since it lasts longer and requires less changes, it does have an economic advantage. Furthermore, it can also be used even if the car has been running with conventional oil for a long time, meaning it’s also good with older cars with higher mileage. You can purchase synthetic oil for your customers from automotive dealer supplies and on-site fuel service provider such as Apache Oil Company.


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Posted on Jul 10, 2015

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