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Are you a retail fuel vendor, gas station, oil refinery or chemical plant needing emergency fuel supplies in Texas? We got you covered. Call us for fast service!

Fuel shortages are not uncommon and can strike anytime. There will always be major triggers that cannot be accounted for in advance—say, an intense natural disaster such as a surprisingly strong hurricane. In these situations, much attention is placed on the price and availability of fuel. One example would be Hurricane Sandy a few years back, which caused a lot of destruction and, in the aftermath, a serious fuel shortage. During these times, emergency fuel delivery In Houston, TX requires service providers who spring into action to address the needs of beleaguered fuel retailers and take some weight off their shoulders.

Fuel Shortages

When disturbances take place, retailers are prone to changes in the availability of products as well as unstable wholesale prices. Prices may go up drastically, and enforced allocations may be put in place. Complicating matters is that people rush out to fill up and accumulate stock when there are fears of shortage, which can leave fuel suppliers empty. Retailers typically have 10,000- to 12,000-gallon tanks, and these have to be almost empty before they will be allowed to replenish their stores. When supplies run out too fast, delivery times may not be met right away.


In the case of Hurricane Sandy, majority of refineries suffered from shutdowns or reduced runs, pipeline shipments were heavily affected by the storm, and gas imports were limited or shut down. Even as the supply was being replenished, product was prevented from moving any further due to terminal shutdowns. Branded and unbranded fuel retailers alike experienced shortages.


Causes of shortages when it comes to fuel supply cannot be predicted or prevented. Thus, retailers need to evaluate their preparedness and response plans to know what must be done to serve their customers well even in cases of emergency. This is why it’s crucial to tap the assistance of a fueling service provider, such as Apache Oil Company, that performs emergency on-site fueling in Houston TX as such a specialist firm can bring supplies right to the retailer and help alleviate the shortage in a particular area.


Partnering with an established fuel service provider can help a retail supplier’s business run smoothly and continuously, which would put them on the top of the list of reliable companies in times of crisis.


(Source: More Than Just Supply & Demand – What Causes Fuel Shortages?, R.E. Powell & SeaPort)

Posted on Feb 6, 2016

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