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Unlike plant shutdowns, which usually stem from unplanned equipment failure, plant turnarounds are usually planned. Both, however, require the closure of a portion of a facility or a plant. With plant turnarounds, you have ample time to properly plan for a perfect execution, which can usually take six months or more.

Emergency Fuel Services are a Must for a Successful Plant Turnaround

Both shutdowns and turnarounds are costly, but with turnarounds you can be assured that, with proper planning, you won’t have to spend more than what you need. At times, however, turnarounds might encounter little snags and difficulties, especially when it comes to emergency power supply. In this case, acquiring emergency fuel services is among the most important things to consider, along with these essential steps for a successful plant turnaround.

Establish an Owner-Contractor Relationship

When hiring a contractor to help during a turnaround, establishing a good relationship between the two of you can go a long way. It is also one way of improving harmony to the point that once a turnaround supervisor has already been assigned, he will already be familiar with the quality of work you expect and knows the consequences should the turnaround experience failures. Communicating with the contractor during the early phases of preparations can also help him familiarize himself with everything about the plant.

Planning and Developing Outcomes

When planning for a turnaround, you must also consider the logistics and resources involved and needed by laying out a descriptive and accurate resource plan. For instance, each task might require different materials and parts, and must be done in separate designated areas. You might also need to provide additional parking spaces for additional workers, or rent on-site sleeping trailers for travelling workers.

Should the unlikely event of a fuel shortage occur, you can trust a company that offers onsite fuel service, like Apache Oil Company, to ensure that there will be no delays when carrying out the necessary tasks. Remember to set out realistic goals and targets and ensure that this will be accomplished on schedule to make the turnaround successful.

Never Cut Costs

Finally, a successful turnaround needs all hands on deck to be successful, meaning you’ll need to have all the necessary resources. This wouldn’t happen if you suddenly decided to reduce labor and benefit costs. If you want a cost-efficient turnaround, one workaround is to have your contractor and some of your in-house personnel work together to achieve your goal.

Remembering these essentials for a planned plant turnaround, particularly measures in dealing with unexpected power shortages can make for a successful one that will not compromise your plant’s production.



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Posted on Jul 2, 2015

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