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When you need emergency fuel in Houston Texas right away , call Apache Oil Company. We work round-the-clock to provide emergency fuel when and where you need.

At Apache Oil Company, our veteran operations team from drivers, to dispatchers, and even our President and CEO are all accustomed to providing fast, safe, and value-added service. We’ve all held jobs where safe and efficient response time assures smooth operations and know what you are going through. As we say around Apache, not our first Rodeo.  If you are looking for emergency fuel in Houston we’ve got your covered

Emergency Fuel Programs Houston Texas

No panic, we just get your job done!

Our main location is less than 6 miles from 75% of the refining and petrochemical capacity in the United States, and every day we work to keep those facilities running and provide emergency fuel when and where you need it.  In addition, we’ve just opening a large facility in Sweeny Texas, to serve the marketplace in Brazoria, Matagorda, and surrounding counties.  Apache Sweeny is staffed with seasoned veterans, flexible equipment, and excellent logistics, we built it to serve you, our customers.

Our large fleet of bobtail fuel trucks and transports, augmented by our fleet of bulk lubricant delivery vehicles serve you quickly.  Our 24 hour notification process means you don’t wait till 6am to get service, we constantly monitor calls using our call tree and get resources headed your way as soon as possible.

The best way to be assured that we can serve you in an emergency is to set up services with Apache Oil Company before that emergency happens.  That way we know we are obligated to serve you when you need us, be it a storm, power-outage event, or a special operation that you are planning that requires fuel.  Apache Oil Company is a top choice in Southeast Texas for fuel programs and on site fueling in Houston and surrounding areas, by a locally owned company. Our expert staff will meet with you face to face and understand what your business needs are, and how Apache fleet fuel programs and on site fuel services will fit your needs and take un-necessary work out of your business.

How does that work, you ask?

First, our account manager will visit your company or site, and understand the fueling requirements in your business.  No obligation, on your terms.  Most of our account managers are veteran distribution experts and former fleet managers themselves, not simply order-takers who sold some other product line last month and rely on second-hand information from subject matter experts back at the office.  We walk the job down with you, and perform an accurate assessment of equipment required and how we can best serve you to provide value.

Give us a call to be ready for those emergency fueling situations before they happen.

But if you don’t, we’ll be here to make you look like a hero.

For over 40 years we’ve taken care of our customers, our nimble and flexible organizational structure allows fast decision making and gets service headed your way.

We would love to take care of you too.



Posted on Jan 27, 2016

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