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At Apache Oil Company, we understand that engine oil provides vital lubrication to your car’s various motor parts. With the amount of work your engine oil does, however, it will eventually pick up impurities that can hamper its lubricating ability and even damage the engine. That’s why we offer quality automotive dealer supplies like lube filters to keep your oil clean and functioning properly.

These filters strain oil impurities in one of two ways. First, the contaminants can adhere to the lube filter as the oil flows through it (without blocking the pores, of course). Second, the pressure of the oil itself can trap the unwanted particles in the filter.

When it comes to lube filters though, none can challenge the quality and performance of those made by Baldwin, which has been making unparalleled products since 1936. For instance, the B7322 model, which replaces John Deere OEM filters, keeps contaminants from damaging sensitive parts of the motor, while its gaskets provide an exterior seal between the filter and the engine. The B179, on the other hand, features an 8 PSID by-pass valve and replaces OEM parts for Honda Automotive, Kubota, Transicold and Yanmar vehicles.

Fortunately, our company is a one-stop destination for all your Baldwin filter needs. We proudly stock several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of lube filter products, including best-selling models like the B76, B178, B1402, and B329.

If your filter breaks suddenly down, just call us and we’ll provide same-day or next-day delivery of your ordered items. Not sure which model works with your vehicle? Drop by our office and let our trusty experts cross-reference your non-Baldwin filter while you wait. Our extensive inventory and strong local supply network for Baldwin Filters get you the filter you need in your hands so your vehicle can become operational as soon as possible.

We also carry high-quality lubricants and an exhaustive list of tools and accessories that will keep both your lube filter and your engine in tip-top shape. That’s the benefit of working with a family-owned company like ours—you get a comprehensive range of products delivered with impeccable customer service. Whether you need emergency oil delivery, lube filters, fuel distributors, fuel tanks or cleaning products, there’s only one firm you should call: Apache Oil Company.

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

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