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New cars, new engines, and now, new environmental considerations demand the development and production of better, higher performance motor oils. As component tolerances in engines grow tighter and tighter, and stricter emissions standards are set, the next generation of motor oils need to provide superior cleaning and protection that conventional oils simply cannot.

Petroleum product manufacturers have been trying to formulate solutions to this problem for several years. Royal Dutch Shell, for example, recently announced a new development in their oil production process that allows them to derive synthetic base oils from natural gas. Following that announcement, Pennzoil, a subsidiary of Shell, released a new full synthetic motor oil created from Shell’s natural gas-derived base oil to the North American market.

Cleaner, New Synthetic Oil Products Produce Great Performance Benefits

Shell’s new base oil is created using a manufacturing process that transforms vapor-like natural gas into a liquid. This produces a clear, ultra-pure oil that has significantly fewer impurities compared to conventional base oils derived from crude oil.

Creating automotive lubricants from ultra-pure base oils, like Shell’s natural gas-derived oil, allows the resultant formulated synthetic oil to provide several key performance benefits. In Pennzoil’s case, the company’s new oil keeps pistons up to 25% cleaner than Mobil 1, up to 35% cleaner than Valvoline SynPower, and up to 40% cleaner than Castrol with SYNTEC.

By maintaining engine cleanliness, such synthetic oils dramatically reduce the amount of friction within the engine. This allows the engine to operate at optimal performance levels on less gas, resulting in better gas mileage. Additionally, less friction also translates into better protection from loss of horsepower and less engine wear over time.

Motor oils created from natural gas-derived base oils also have another desirable effect: Since natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel being used today, motor oils created from them also result in cleaner emissions.

Distributed through wholesale lubricant dealers, like Apache Oil Company, Pennzoil Platinum® with PurePlus Technology is the only such motor oil available to the consumer market today. However, especially after more consumers learn of the advantages of these advanced motor oils, other manufacturers will likely, and hopefully, follow suit.

(Source: First-Of-Its-Kind Synthetic Motor Oil Made From Natural Gas, PR Newswire, April 16, 2014)

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

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