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Here at Apache Oil Company, our intimate experience with the fuel industry has taught us the importance of fuel additives, such as diesel fuel injector cleaner, to maximize the performance and efficiency of automobile engines. We’ve worked with a variety of customers, from large fleets to fuel retailers, car dealers to automotive suppliers, and more, who all swear by the effectiveness of many of the fuel additives that we distribute.

One popular choice among our clients is Diesel Kleen. Designed specifically to boost the performance of diesel engines in cold weather, the additive prevents fuel from gelling in freezing temperatures and can keep fuel filters from plugging when the mercury drops as much as 36 degrees below, whereas Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost increases cetane numbers by 4. This makes the fuel slightly more volatile and allows it to deliver faster cold starts. This cetane boost also improves the fuel’s performance to a degree similar to a 50/50 blend of 2-D and 1-D diesel fuels.

Besides improving performance, Diesel Kleen also contains additives that help it provide protection against wear and tear in the engine. The additive contains Slickdiesel® Lubricator, which helps improve fuel lubrication to protect an engine’s pumps and injectors. Additionally, anti-icing additives allow it to protect the fuel filter from icing.

Diesel Kleen can be used to winterize any diesel fuel, including ultra-low-sulfur diesel and diesel blends containing up to 20 percent biodiesel. To ensure thorough mixing, the additive is added prior to filling the tank with diesel fuel.

Diesel Kleen is available in three configurations: The 1:400 treatment ratio version allows individual customers to treat smaller batches of fuel, while the highly concentrated 1:1,000 and 1:1,500 treatment ration versions allow fueling fleets and companies stocking larger amounts of fuel to treat larger batches with less additive.

We also carry Diesel Fuel Supplement + Cetane Boost which is great for boosting power, lubricating fuel injectors and improving cold weather starting.

Give us a call to determine which products are best for your particular situation.

As with our other products, clients interested in obtaining a delivery of Power Diesel Kleen, you can reach us for a quote through the various contact channels provided on our website. The Chemicals and Cleaners section on our side also lists a wide selection of other fuel additives, as well as must-haves when working with fuels, such as the heavy-duty Dynamite Hand Cleaner which we now carry instead of our customers the classic gojo hand cleaner, as more customers preferred Dynamite.

Posted on May 28, 2014

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