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At Apache Oil Company, we take a lot of pride in providing automotive parts dealers in our region with the best automotive dealer supplies we can source. It is precisely for this reason that our company secured a partnership with Baldwin to distribute their filters to our growing community of loyal customers.

Baldwin goes to great lengths to ensure that they produce the best quality filters on the market. The company’s team of engineers continually look for ways to improve their products, refining everything about the filtration design to a high standard using the latest technologies available to them.

Unlike many other companies, Baldwin does not just assemble filters from parts. Instead, the company’s manufacturing process is integrated vertically—the company doesn’t just produce filters, it also produces the individual components that go into building the filters themselves. This allows Baldwin to control quality and consistency to a greater degree than their competition.

This kind of dedication to quality fits in well with Apache Oil Company’s philosophy of “High Quality, High Reliability, High Performance,” and is one of the key reasons we are proud to partner with Baldwin. With them on board, we are able to offer automotive dealers in our region the full range of filters the company produces, and our customers have responded well to this. Baldwin oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and coolant filters are among the strongest selling lines we carry from the company right now.

Having partnered with Baldwin, our dealer-customers can rely with certainty that they will be provided with nothing but Genuine Baldwin products when they put in an order for Baldwin supplies from us. This should give them confidence in knowing that each item they provide their own customers, in turn, will be of the highest quality and will help them secure steady return business.

Dealers looking for more information on the Baldwin products we provide should head on over to the dedicated Baldwin Filters page listed in the Our Partners dropdown on the header menu above. Our customers can also opt to contact us through the channels listed on our website to speak to us directly about the different filter lines we carry, or any of the other products we offer, for that matter.

Posted on Jul 8, 2014

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