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As an automotive dealer supplies provider, the Apache Oil Company understands that it takes more than just fuel to get an engine running; it also needs plenty of air to start the combustion process. As such, auto dealers can’t ignore the importance of providing top-notch air filters to their customers. Fortunately for our clients, we carry some of the best filters on the market made by the most trusted name in the business: Baldwin.

Believe it or not, a gallon of fuel requires 15,000 gallons of clean air to burn. If a filter is dirty, it will not allow as much air into the engine, which in turn decreases the car’s performance and fuel economy. Even worse, if the filter cannot screen out debris from the air, these particulates will enter the engine and rub against the vital metal parts, hastening wear and tear.

Thankfully, Baldwin filters utilize several cutting-edge technologies to ensure that only perfectly clean air will ever reach the engine. The first is PermaPleat®, an embossing procedure that creates dividers between pleats, which prevents clustering in the filter and ensures uniform air flow. A second innovation is beading, wherein a continuous bead of adhesive is applied to the inner or outer metal wrap to keep pleat tips in place.

Baldwin produces three air filter variants that are suited to all of your customers’ needs. First is the Channel Flow® Air Filter, a solution that has more surface area than traditional filters while requiring less installation space thanks to its ingenious honeycomb construction.

Next is the Extreme Performance Air Filter, which uses ProTura® nanofiber technology whose lattice-like structure can catch fine contaminant particles down to the submicron level.

Last is the Radial Seal Air Filter, which provides impressive strength, contaminant holding capacity, and removal efficiency, thus making it the ideal aftermarket replacement.

If your dealership needs any of the abovementioned filters, don’t hesitate to call the Apache Oil Company. We service all clients in the Greater Houston area, and we entertain customers from outside of this region as well.

Aside from filters, we distribute other auto supplies such as engine oil, anti-freeze, cleaners, fuel conditioners and additives, and refrigerants, among others. We also provide emergency oil delivery to address fuel shortages caused by catastrophes or plant facility shutdowns. Whether you need auto supplies or fuel, there’s only one company to call: ours!

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

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