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Apache Oil Company Sweeny TX

Bulk Lubricants, Fuel Delivery, Onsite Fuel Service, Emgergency Fueling & Refinery Turn Around Fueling

Our Apache Oil Company Sweeny Texas location is a strategic supply location to serve the growing south and southwestern portion of the Houston metropolis to the Gulf of Mexico.  Like all facilities at Apache, the site and the employees are focused on serving our customers safely with quality products.

Apache Oil Company Sweeny features the largest storage of fuel in Sweeny Texas to serve customers for delivery or pick-up.   It also contains infrastructure to store bulk lubricants plus hundreds of packages of lubricants from Apache’s major strategic suppliers: Shell, Phillips 66, BP Castrol, Houghton Metalworking Products, and Baldwin Filters.


Apache Oil Company Sweeny (AOCS) is a key service point for the growing needs of Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, Wharton, Jackson, and Fort Bend County in Texas where major investment in petrochemical and logistics infrastructure is underway by several international corporations including: Phillips 66, Chevron, Phillips Chemical Company, Dow Chemical, and Freeport LNG Partners’ new LNG liquefaction and marine shipping facility in Freeport, in addition to Houston’s expansion to the West and South. Also under construction in nearby Bay City Texas (Matagorda County) is the largest Seamless Pipe Mill in the United States is underway near Bay City Texas.

Apache Oil Company Sweeny is perfectly suited to extend the service capability of Apache Oil Company from its main location in Pasadena, Texas just outside Houston all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

AOCS proudly serves most of these major projects with reliable, safe value-added supply of products. The specific details and features of the infrastructure at Sweeny are as follows:

  • Situated on 4 acres of land just off of Texas Route 35 at FM 524 in Sweeny
  • Generous spacing of tank farms, buildings and equipment and safe turn-in access from the highway onto our concrete driveway and gates sized for large trucks and equipment
  • 162,000 gallons of onsite fuel storage with top and bottom loading capability at 240 gpm with safety shutoffs to quickly and efficiently load cargo
  • Safe, experienced staff who are experts in products and local market needs to assist customers with every lubrication, filtration, and fueling need
  • 6 lubricant bulk storage tanks with dedicated piping keep your business in quality assured bulk products
  • Environmentally responsible operation with all bulk products in impervious secondary containment and Fireguard tanks for flammable products
  • 6000 sq. foot warehouse to store hundreds of product SKU’s for our customers providing same day or next day delivery based on time of order
  • Integrated order and bulk accounting system(fuel) provides supply chain managers at Apache real time information to assure timely resupply virtually eliminating product runouts
  • City Sales Counter to allow walk-in customers fast, knowledgeable and friendly service to allow customers to understand, specify and buy products with one visit
  • Modern and efficient bobtail fleet dispatched to customers with bulk products 6 days a week always, 24 X 7 x 365 service is always available via callout service from local staff

In summary, Apache Oil Company Sweeny Texas is the greenfield construction integrating all the features possible we that we have learned in our 45 years in business to serve our customers in the best possible way.  Our employees are well-seasoned, industry veterans with years of experience in on site fuels, industrial lubricants, and customer service.

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Partal Service List area for Apache Oil Company Sweeny TX: Brazoria, TX 77422, Gavleston, TX 77550, Gavleston, TX 77551,Gavleston, TX 77552, Gavleston, TX 77553, Gavleston, TX 77554, Gavleston, TX 77555, Wharton, TX 77488, 77053 Houston Texas, 77406 Richmond Texas, 77417 Beasley Texas, 77441 Fulshear Texas, 77444 Guy Texas, 77451 Kendleton Texas, 77459 Missouri City Texas, 77461 Needville Texas, 77464 Orchard Texas, 77469 Richmond Texas, 77471 Rosenberg Texas, 77476 Simonton Texas, 77477 Stafford Texas, 77478 Sugar Land Texas, 77479 Sugar Land Texas, 77481 Thompsons Texas, 77487 Sugar Land Texas, 77489 Missouri City Texas, 77494 Katy Texas, 77496 Sugar Land Texas, 77497 Stafford Texas, 77545 Fresno Texas

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