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Apache Oil Company is the first choice in Southeast Texas for fleet fuel programs and on site fuel services by a locally owned company. Our expert staff will meet with you face to face and understand what your business needs are, and how Apache fleet fuel programs and on site fuel services will fit your needs and take un-necessary work out of your business.


How does that work, you ask?


First, our account manager will visit your company or site, and understand the fueling requirements in your business. No obligation, on your terms. Most of our account managers are veteran distribution experts and former fleet managers themselves, not simply order-takers who sold some other product line last month and rely on second-hand information from subject matter experts back at the office.


Our account managers understand the need for fueling equipment that is always up and running, providing value, and working for your company to make on site fueling a seamless task in your operation and remove un-necessary work from your staff. With the site visit information, the account manager consults with Apache’s equipment experts and prepares a proposal that provides you exactly what you need for your on-site fueling, tanks, pumps, meters, measurement devices for dispensing and the tankage, even electronic monitoring of dispensed fuel and tank levels, so that you get reports as frequently as pressing an inquiry button to see your usage by driver, equipment, work center, or the entire site. Solutions are designed to meet the needs of your company, and Apache is honest if you are over-specifying your system for the job at hand.


No two solutions are exactly the same. We meet the specific needs of each and every customer. Our customers want their fleet fueling programs and on site fuel service to fit into the flow of the existing processes in their organization, and our customers will benefit from our decades of experience around best practices that can be implemented inside your organization.


Own your own tanks and want to modernize? We can do that too!


Apache is also an expert in fleet fueling with specialized, nimble, and flexible drivers, fuel trucks and small fueling equipment to fuel those remote welding machines, light towers, small cranes, forklifts, etc. for a day, a week, a month, or every day you are operating.


How do we do that?


We do that because our managers are former fuelers and managers of turnarounds, fleets, and emergencies and we spec the equipment on the front end to perform those special jobs that drove them crazy when their fueler couldn’t get the job done and extra time and money was spent to simply fuel a piece of remote equipment.


With custom solutions that fit your business needs, and not simply a tank, pump, and hose with a truck filling your tank when you call, Apache adds value to your business by taking away some of the duties and responsibilities that reside inside your organization. Apache does this with the highest quality fuels, delivered when promised, by safe, professional, and environmentally responsible delivery personnel. Apache is a financially stable company with over 40 years in the fueling business. We’re here for the long term.


Apache Oil Company also services all fueling equipment that we install so there is never a second call that you have to make to get service from a subcontractor or vendor two states away, so you will never have to wait days for a service call while your fleet fuels at the local service station.
If you are looking for the best fleet fuel programs and on site fuel service, contact Apache Oil Company today, for a free, no obligation on site fueling assessment today.




Posted on Mar 18, 2014

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